Integrating Gold Accents Into the Home

Want to know how to successfully integrate gold accents into your home?  My next article on Furniture Fashion shows you just how to do it.  You'll get five beautiful examples of how designers have managed to add some gold glimmer into their homes.  It's such a great idea for fall.  To read the full article, click the link below.
Integrating Gold Accents Into the Home 
Gold Accents

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15 of My Favorite Travel Photos from Around Europe

I've had the priviledge to travel to so many places in the past two years. Living in Europe has been a dream and I've been living my dream traveling to places like the Icelandic countryside to forests in Germany to the ancient city of Pompeii, each destiniation filling a new place in my heart and driving my love for travel.  Below is a compilation of 15 of my favorite travel photos that I've taken around Europe.  It's an accumulation of the past two years.  I've also loved seeing the evolution of my photography I'm always striving to learn something new.

A Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy
Timber Framed Houses in Colmar, France
Colmar, France
The Bone Church in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
The Bone Church
Sheep in the Icelandic Countryside
Iceland sheep
Frozen Hot Chocolate at the Chocolate Museum in Cologne, Germany
frozen hot chocolate
Vintage Train Ride to Soller, Mallorca
Soller, Mallorca
Christmas Market in Regensburg, Germany
Germany Christmas Market
The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic
The Charles Bridge
Sunset Over Icelandic Soil
Iceland sunset
Tapas in Madrid, Spain
Tapas in Madrid
A Walk Through the Woods in Heidelberg, Germany
German Forrest
The Cliffs of Capri, Italy
Capri, Italy
Bikes and Canals in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival in Germany
Ludwigsberg, Germany
Solo Travel in the Ancient City of Pompeii, Italy
Ruins of Pompeii

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What is Your Favorite Image?
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5 Cities You Should Visit in Bavaria

5 Cities You Should Visit in Bavaria


This is such a lovely city. It sits right on the Danube River and has the most wonderful shopping and restaurants. It is a midieval city, largely untouched by WWII. It's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I love this city because I could walk for hours shopping along the cobble stone streets or heading to all the fun local bars at night. Other things to do in Regensburg include attending their Christmas Market spread around the city, porting on a river cruise on the Danube, and attending various flea markets they have throughout the year. This is a city I never tire of and always look forward to visiting.

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5 Cities You Should Visit in Bavaria
Despite Nurnberg's sordid past (and I always have it in the back of my mind when I visit), it is a flourishing city and and a very historical one at that.  It's the second largest city in Bavaria and has a lot to offer. It's a midieval city so the views are stunning, though unlike Regensburg, much of the city center was destroyed during WWII.  This is a great city to do a tour of and learn about its history.  I often come here when I am attending one of the two big flea markets they have each year or for the famous Christkindlesmarkt.  The Christmas market is stunning but make sure you go on a weekday as the weekends and even week nights can be very crowded and overwhelming.  Make sure you try the Nurnberger brats and lebkuchen (ginberbread).  Okay maybe you can skip the lebkuchen.
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5 Cities You Should Visit in Bavaria

If you only visit one of these cities on my list in Bavaria, make sure it's Munich.  It's the largest city in Bavaria and there is so much to do!  It's another city that was damaged by WWII.  Munich has come a long way and is fast growing.  Many of the things to do in Munich are spread all over the city.  My personal recommendations of things to do in Munich are visit the Nymphenburg Palace as pictured above, the Munich Residenz, see the town hall or the Marienplatz, definitately go for a night of food and drinks at the famous Hofbrauhaus, and of course make an appearance at Oktoberfest.  If you can take a short drive a little outside of the city, you can visit Dachau Concentration Camp.

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5 Cities You Should Visit in Bavaria
I've described this town as "The Most Bavarian  of Towns" and if you ever visit I think you'll see why.  Garmisch is a beautiful mountainous area.  It's a photographer's dream.  There really is a lot to do there for the outdoor enthusiast.  I've even written a 10 Things to Do in Garmisch list.  This town is known for their slopes and you can enjoy a wide variety of winter sports from skiiing to snowboarding.  All the restaurants in Garmisch are adorable and deliscious.  They have a few awesome antique shops there and almost every storefront and home looks like the one above.  Also, it is one hour from Munich and in close proximity to other amazing places like The Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau Castle, Linderhof Palace, the Partnach Gorge, and it's only a short drive to Austria!

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5 Cities You Should Visit in Bavaria

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber
All the above mentioned cities in Bavaria are lovely, but Rothenburg is a dream. It's romantic and festive and midieval and a perpetual Christmas town. It's part of the Romantic Road and is a fortified city. Though I dubbed Garmisch "The Most Bavarian of Towns," Rothenburg might be even more so and it was hailed "the most German of German towns.". The image above has been painted and photographed by many. This town is wonderful to visit any time of year, but you should definitely plan to go during their Christmas Market. It's magical! While there you can tour the inside of the old wall, shop for christmas decorations and food, and visit the Criminal Museum.

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If you are looking to get a good taste of Bavaria, these 5 cities are a great place to start.  Have you been to Bavaria?

Link Goodies # 10

link goodies #10
1) I know I've talked about this before but I absolutely love Oh Joy's collection for Target and now
she has her Fall line out.   Her collections are so cool and affordable!
2) Can these ridiculously expensive beauties just find their way under the Xmas tree? 
3) This one-pot red wine pasta recipe from A Beautiful Mess looks amazing.  Not to mention cleanup is a breeze.
4) Love hot chocolate? Here are the best places in the world to get it.  Looks like I'll be making a trip to Munich soon. 
5) Here's an adorable and weird video of a porcupine enjoying some mini pumpkins.  
6) Do you know what the difference between i.e. and e.g. are?
7) So excited for season 4 of Portlandia.  Now you can watch it all on Netflix.
Freelance Writing 
8) Here are 6 great tools to use as a Freelancer.  I use PayPal for everything.

9) Looking to get away from it all?  I mean really away? Here are 20 of the world's most remote homes, structures, and towns.
10) Have you ever had a birthday or been to a birthday in Germany?  Here are 7 things that happen when you spend your birthday in Germany.  No wonder I got weird looks when I told a German happy birthday the day before their actual birthday, even though I was at their birthday party.  Weird right?  It's also bad luck.


Your Dream Bathroom in 6 Styles

What every good modern home needs is a great looking bathroom.  Something relaxing yet visually appealing.  My favorite bathrooms have always been the spacious ones.  In my latest article for Furniture Fashion I show you 6 dream bathrooms.  I just can't get over how beautiful this Moorish inspired sink is.  Isn't it lovely?  Follow the link below for the full article and more dream bathroom images!

moorish sink
Do you have a bathroom of your dreams?

5 Things You Must Do on Your Holiday to Santorini, Greece

santorini, greece
See the Volcano and Take a Dip in the Hot Springs
 Santorini’s volcano is considered active and last erupted in 1950 leaving a lasting memory that can be seen all over the island’s landscape. Tours can be arranged to get close to the volcano. Don’t forget to stop by the nearby hot springs to take a dip and take advantage of a mud bath. Many locals swear by the positive effects for the skin.

Visit One of Santorini’s Magnificent Beaches
Santorini’s beaches are unique because of the influence of the volcanic ash. The island boasts beaches with red and black sand. The Red Beach is probably the most popular and its sandy beaches retain their color from an abundance of iron in the sand. Though this beach is relatively small you can spend some time sipping drinks or snorkeling. Looking for black sand? Head to Perissa beach. Unlike The Red Beach, Perissa beach, in particular, is very laid back and less crowded. There are also plenty of seafront restaurants to keep the whole family happy.

Visit the Stunning Village of Oia
This picturesque town is a photographer’s dream. It’s filled with white domed houses and resorts. Take a walk around this town and you will see why so many have suggested this as a must-see for visitors of Santorini. There are many ways to get there from the Fira Port, like boat, car, or hiking on foot. Don’t miss the many opportunities to photograph this site. You can also spend some time visiting the Byzantine Castle Ruins, setting aside just enough time to watch the sunset over Oia’s stunning village.
Eat the Local Foods
Greek food is based on a diet filled with vegetables, oil, fish, and grains. A local told me to try the locally grown vegetables, specifically the famous Santorini cherry tomatoes. Pairing the cherry tomatoes with eggplant and zucchini, a side of pita bread, and a heaping bowl of tzatziki sauce will put you in the right mindset. Don’t forget to try the other local foods at a Greek tavern off of the typical tourist trail.
Go Wine Tasting at One of the Island’s Wineries
Another tasty local product is the Greek wine in Santorini. The wine here is generally dry, but if it is a sweet wine you are after, try the Vinsanto. If you are looking for a specific winery, head to the Boutari Winery which is open every day and available for wine tastings.

How to Get There?
If you are looking for a relaxing Mediterranean vacation, then Santorini is the Greek island for you. Looking to book an all inclusive in Santorini? Why not make things easy? Head to First Choice, for the hook up on deals and tips for finding the all inclusive of your dreams. Don’t miss out on taking a trip to this stunning Island. It is one of my favorite Greek islands and I think you can see why!


Monthly Inspiration: Fall Fashion is Here!

One of my favorite things about Fall are the all the cozy yet fashionable clothes that come along with it.  Fall is probably my favorite time of year for clothes. Fall officially started in September, but I feel like it doesn't really get cold enough to wear fall clothes until Ocotober.  Below are 6 of my favorite fall fashion staples. 
You can't wear a big chunky sweater with baggy jeans or a baggy skirt.  Tights are the perfect thing to pair with a big comfy sweater. I also love wearing boots with tights.
fall tights
Leg Warmers
It's time to dig out all those leg warmers from the bottom of your closet.  It's officially time to start accessorizing your boots with all the lovely leg warmer options out there.
fall leg warmers
Coffee is definitely a fall accessory, at least for me!
fall coffee
Check out this infographic on 40 ways to tie a scarf.  I tend to always do mine the same way.
fall scarves
Fall Hats
All those wool you've been wearing in the summer are really perfect for fall.

fall hats
I'm really in love with fall ponchos right now.  I love how comfy they are and your shoulders never have to be cold.  I'm slowly amassing my poncho collection.
fall ponchos
What are your fall fashion staples?
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Rome: Day Two

Rome: Day Two 
Rome Itinerary/Tips and Tricks
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Castel Sant'Angelo
12:00 Lunch
4:00 Catacombs
7:00 Trevi Fountain
7:30 Pantheon
8:00 Dinner 
10:00 Exploring the Area

Day two of my trip to Rome we had an even more packed day.  Because it was a Sunday, all of the buses were free, or they weren't free and no one was paying?.  No need to pull out that Roma card. I was determine to have a better day today and try to avoid the crowds as much as possible.  My plan of attack was to avoid guided tours all together but that didn't quite happen.

Castel Sant'Angelo
Castel Sant'Angelo was the second free museum I would attend to finish up my Roma pass.  The castle is actually pretty close to the Vatican so if you are wanting to see both it would probably make sense to do them in the same day if your Vatican tour wasn't late like mine.  The castle is in a touristy area, but most of the heat was taken away by the Vatican so it wasn't quite as bad in this area.  The line to get in wasn't long at all and I also spent some time getting some pictures of the surrounding area and beautiful bridges that reminded of me of The Charles Bridge in Prague.

The huge circular castle was originally built to be a mausoleum and later became a secret hideout for the pope, where he could access underground tunnels with its proximity to the Vatican.  Now its a museum.  One cool thing about this castle is you get to go to the dungeon and crawl through some pretty dicey spaces to see the abysmal cells where prisoners were held! Seeing the castle was nice, but not a must-see if you are short on time.  Plus, since I had missed seeing the Catacombs in Paris, I wanted to see the Catacombs in Rome! 

castle sant'angelo

castle sant'angelo
castle sant'angelocastle sant'angelocastle sant'angelocastle sant'angelo

The San Callisto Catacombs
I was pretty excited about seeing the catacombs.  The closest thing I've come to it was seeing The Bone Church in the Czech Republic and that was pretty high on my list of cool things I've seen.  To get to The San Callisto or St. Callixtus Catacombs you have to take a bus or car.  These are the most popular catacombs as there are several other ones to choose from.  They are about 30 minutes outside of the city.  I took the 218 bus from near Via Merulana.  The trip to the Catacombs was a nightmare.  It was hot and sweaty and like the Vatican, the bus was packed.  People kept pouring in and we were shoulder to shoulder.  At one point it was so hot in there and the bus was just parked that people were screaming and panicking.  It was a little scary.

Once we made it to the catacombs it was in a beautiful area.  I just wanted to sit in the shade for a bit and hide.  Once I was ready, my friend and I paid for our tickets.  They were 8 euro each and you had to join a tour to see the Catacombs, which is understandable...wouldn't want to get lost down there.  The tour wasn't long though.  It was nice and cool down there and also pretty eerie.  You don't get to see any bones in this one, most of them are either sealed in, stolen, or turned to dust.  The view in the catacombs was row after row of hollowed out tombs stacked into the wall. I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty depressing, but interesting nonetheless.

Even though I was ready to leave the catacombs, they weren't ready for me to leave.  The one bus that you could take out of there (the 218) took over an hour...or never came.  I don't really know because I ended up taking a taxi back to our room.

san callisto catacombs

The Trevi Fountain
The next few things we decided to see at night because we heard it was the place to be.  I was really excited to see The Trevi Fountain, but I heard it was under construction...bummer. I had no idea just how under construction it was.  You couldn't see anything.  Just take a look at the image below.  But I've heard from the locals that one cool thing about it was that while under construction, there is a walkway above the fountain that tourists can walk through.  This is the closest most people will ever get to the fountain.

trevi fountain

The Pantheon
Only a few blocks away from The Trevi Fountain is the Pantheon.  Though I didn't get to go inside, it was really pretty to see at night.  There is a lot of activity in this area and we decided to sit down at a nearby cafe to have dinner while enjoying this view.  

the pantheon

More Dinner in Rome
I didn't lie when I said I came to Rome for the food.  I miss seafood living in Germany and the pasta, pizza, and red wine can't be beat. Near The Pantheon is where I had the best gnocchi pesto I've ever had!

food in rome
food in rome

That's it for my two and a half day trip to Rome.  Being a city filled with art, history, and culture, this wasn't a vacation for me, I had to see as much as possible and I think I did.  There are so many more things to do in Rome that I couldn't possibly fit them into a short trip like this,  but that's okay because I was ready to head back home.

I felt like I had run all over this town.  The crowds, the cars, the sense of go, go, go!  As I had come to find out in Naples, the driving in Italy is terrible.  No one seems to follow any rules and though Naples was worse, Rome wasn't so different.  My friend told me that she heard that the key to crossing the roads here were to not look both ways and just go.  Not look both ways? This goes against everything I'd learned growing up?!?!  Eventually we started crossing the street like big kids and she was right, don't look both ways!  I guess the idea is more so, don't look like a tourist, but essentially if you are just crossing with purpose then cars are going to slow down for you and they did.  But that's probably really bad advice ;)

Have you been to Rome?  What were you favorite sights?

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