Travel Bucket List

I have roughly two more years in Europe and as crazy as it sounds, I want to travel to (almost) every European country.  This is my European bucket list.  They don’t all have to be crossed off in the next two years but I can try!  They are listed in alphabetical order, not order of importance (or order of excitement in this case).  I may decide to add more as I go along.  Note: Not every European country is listed.

1) Austria
2) Belgium (Brussels in Mar. 13’, Arlon, Bastogne, and Tongeren in July 13’)
3) Croatia (Dubrovnik in June 13’)
4) Czech Republic (Prague in Mar. 13’ and June 14', Karlovy Vary in Aug. 13’, Kutna Hora in Sept. 13’)
5) Denmark
6) Finland

7) France (Paris and Strasbourg in July 13’, Metz in April 14', and Colmar in June 14')
8) Germany (I live here!)
9) Greece (Olympia, Athens, Santorini, and Corfu in June 13’)
10) Hungary
11) Iceland (Reykjavik, Gardur, The Golden Circle in Aug. 14')
12) Ireland (Dublin, Wicklow, Kilkenny in Aug. 14')
13) Italy (Venice and Bari in June 13’, Naples, Capri, Pompeii, Sorrento in Sept. 13’, Milan in August 14', and Rome in October 14')
14) Liechtenstein
15) Luxembourg (Luxembourg City in July 13’)
16)The Netherlands (Amsterdam in Nov. 12’)
17) Norway
18) Poland (Boleslawiec in May 13’)
19) Portugal
20) Romania
21) Russia
22) Slovakia (Bratislava in March 29, 14')
23) Slovenia
24) Spain (Madrid, Jerez de Frontera, Puerto de Santa Maria, Rota, Cadiz, Seville in May 14', Barcelona in June 14', Palma de Mallorca and Soller in July 14')
25) Sweden
26) Switzerland (Zurich in June 14')
27) Turkey
28) United Kingdom (London, Windsor, Stonehenge (Wiltshire), and Bath in Dec. 13')
29) (Scotland)

Non Europe:
30) Morroco
31) Thailand

(Already traveled to USA {lived} including Puerto Rico [PR x4}, Canada {x3}, and Jamaica)

19 countires so far!  I've blogged about all of these crossed off places so check my "Blog Archive" for more details.  I've already made plans in 2014 for Iceland, Spain, Switzerland, and  U.K.  At this rate, it looks like my goal, though tough, will be achievable J

Are these on your travel bucket list?  If so, what were your favorites?