Integrating Gold Accents Into the Home

Want to know how to successfully integrate gold accents into your home?  My next article on Furniture Fashion shows you just how to do it.  You'll get five beautiful examples of how designers have managed to add some gold glimmer into their homes.  It's such a great idea for fall.  To read the full article, click the link below.
Integrating Gold Accents Into the Home 
Gold Accents

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  1. These gold accents are stunning. Love that island and the rug too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  2. Very pretty. The gold makes it look rich....Christine

  3. Holy Hannah your kitchen is gorgeous! And I love how you are living in Germany! My husband is a German living in the US...little vice versa =) Thanks for sharing your beautiful home! The gold is beautiful! I think this would be great for my new linky party starting this Saturday at 8pm called “Found & Foraged” Can’t wait to party with you at

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kyla, I wish this was my kitchen, but is is just an example of a home with ways to decorate with gold accents.

  4. Really great tips here. I've always thought about how to integrate gold into my home without it looking gawdy or ... just being "too much". I could never figure out how, so I always offed it as being just "not my style". Now, looking at some of these photos from the article, I love a few of them... Particularly the kitchen and the bathroom (top, not bottom). Thanks for writing this and sharing these photos for example! I'm going to have to really give it a try now! :)


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