Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe time enjoying Thanksgiving with friends and family.  There's snow here today in Bavaria.  I guess it's okay just this one time.  Don't eat too much and be thankful :)

Beds Fit for a Queen

Inspired by the bedrooms in my recent trip to the Ludwigburg Palace, in my next article for FurnitureFashion.com, I explore some wonderously beautiful French inspired luxury beds!  If my room could look like this I'd be in heaven.  I'd take a repro any day.  These gorgeous beds will make you feel like you are the Queen of France.  Have you ever dreamed of shopping in Marie Antoinette's Palace?  Here is your chance ;)  Click the link to read the full article below:


First Christmas Market of the Season at a Favorite Secret Spot

On Sunday, B and I went to our first Christmas market of the season.  A Christmas market before Thanksgiving?  I know, I know, I'm definitely not one to jump the gun with holidays but this market is only held on this particular weekend and it also happens to be at one of my favorite restaurants, so I didn't want to miss it.  The market is held at a place called the Kuhstallcafe, which literally means cow stall cafe.  This will be the first of many Christmas market trips.

This is a secret spot I like go to because it is pretty much at a barn in the middle of nowhere, but they have a restaurant that is open from 1-4 only on Sundays.  They spend all week making fresh, handmade cakes, cheese, and ice cream.  They also serve milkshakes and small food items.  And the twist is that inside of the restaurant there is a glass window where you can actually see the cows in the stall. 

Thinking back to American culture, I highly doubt that this place would be popular in the States.  The smell of a cow stall while you are eating and actually seeing cows might turn a lot of Americans off.  But, I think it's pretty cool and getting to see the cows that are making your food and how they are being treated is the best way to be sure you are enjoying the best dairy.  Kids seem to really love this place too.  And where else can you get fresh cheese with little radish mice?  So cute!

The market wasn't huge but it did have their big lighted Christmas tree and stalls with handmade goods.  B and I shared a glass of gluhwein and bought some natural honey products like, honey, soap, and mead :)  We didn't stay long because it was so cold. 

I've gone to this cafe several times and I always love to go back with someone new.  The best part about the Kuhstallcafe is after you are done eating you can wander the premises and see the cows and if you go to the very back you can see the babies and actually pet them.

 For more info on the Kuhstallcafe, you can check out there Facebook pageDo you think you'd go to the cafe?

I wanted to also share a link for an article I wrote for the The Gratitude Travel Writing Contest from We Said Go Travel.  It's a new take on my trip to "The Bone Church" in Czech Republic.  How can I be grateful about seeing "The Bone Church?"  Find out by clicking the link below and let me know your thoughts!

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Snail Mail Collective: Autumn Adventures

For the October Snail Mail Collective with Lost in Travels and The Nectar Collective, the theme was "Autumn Adventures."  I was paired with Sian from the Shines Blog.  She lives near and works in London.  I was super excited about this because I will be visiting London for the first time around Christmas.  So you know I was hittin' her up for all of the best things to see, do, and eat in London. 

 I asked her what the typical foods were like in London.  She said, "I'd say that a roast dinner is typically English (roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy, usually eaten on a Sunday). Then a cream tea is very English (fruit scones, clotted cream and jam, usually eaten when on holiday in an English countryside or seaside town. It's such a treat!)"  I am super excited to try scones and English tea!

I ended up sending her some Bavarian chocolates and tea.  Also a postcard with pumpkins on it from my trip to the Ludwigsburg Festival and Palace.  She sent me the wonderful goodies above.  She has an Etsy shop and blog that is currently on hiatus, but most of what she sent me is from her awesome Etsy shop; a card, some cute decorative tape, a little notebook, some really cute London inspired stickers that I love, and my favorite item on the left, a card with a travel penguin on it that says, "Bon Voyage" that she painted herself!  How cute are these items!  I love them.

I wanna say thanks again to Sian!

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Fall Photo Shoot With Kaija

Fall in Germany is beautiful!  The surrounding area where I live provided a splendid backdrop for my fall photo shoot with my friend, Kaija.  There are so many awesome abandoned buildings, ivy overgrown walls, colorful benches, and trees that it wasn't hard for me to capture some great backdrops for my photos.  Kaija also made things super easy by being so great in front of the camera with her flawless skin and those blue eyes!  One of my favorite backdrops is the red and orange door.  The day as usual was foggy and overcast, but this made for some great images I think.  Follow along for a typical fall day in Bavaria!  Sometimes I still can't believe I get to live here.

There were so many more images I could have chosen from.  This portrait shoot was part of a final project I have completed for Bonnie Rose's B. Lux course.  I'm so glad I participated, It's been a great time and Bonnie is just wonderful!  I will definitely be posting more portrait sessions in the future.  I'd love to see a winter, spring, and summer shoot.  Did I mention this is my first time attempting portraits?

And the Winner is...

The winner of last week's Tangled Citrine GIVEAWAY for a customized tree of life pendant goes to:

Debbie Jackson

Thank you everyone who has participated.  Debbie, check your email :)

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Reasons I Love Bavaria: Wildwochen

I'm going to start talking more about reasons I love Bavaria.  I have been living here for a year now and though I love sharing my travel posts from all over Europe, I can't discount the amazing amount of activites, restaurants, fests, events, markets, and overall amazingness of Bavaria.  I'm growing to like living here more and more. 

Wildwochen, which means wild weeks or game weeks is the period between mid October to mid November where limited restaurants around Bavaria serve specialty wild game cuisine.  It is a culinary delight that includes restaurants with special chefs that come to specifically cook these special meals.
The food comes directly from the surrounding forrest and is shot by local hunters.

 What makes this food different than other times of the year?  Well, during this time you can sample fresh meats such as wild boar, rabbit, venison, pheasant, fish, and pork.  They also use other fresh ingredients like wild mushrooms and cranberries sauces, dumplings, and fresh salads to bring the whole meal together.  During wildwochen, many restaurants also have entertainment planned and reservations are a must, especially since many of the restaurants are small local spots.  My small little town luckily has two restaurants that participate in wildwochen and people come from all over to take part in this magical time.

I normally don't like to wax poetically about meat in general (as I am not a huge fan) but these meats are fresh, local, free of preservatives, and organic.  That's about as good as it gets for eating meat.  I orginally thought I would be giving up pork specifically when I moved to Germany, but that is like their main dish, so that didn't quite work out. 

Below are some of the typical dishes you can find during wildwochen:

If you happen to find yourself in Bavaria during this time and see a sign for "Wildwochen"  do not hesitate to check it out.  You won't be dissapointed!

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5 Fun and Fabulous Rugs by West Elm

Inspired by my latest West Elm rug purchase, I decided to focus my next article for FurnitureFashion.com on the various amazing rugs by West Elm.  Ever since I found out about this site I've been obsessed with everything on their website.  I decided to focus on their trendy rugs.  If you want to see my top 5 picks for the hottest rug patterns check out my article here:

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Featured Artist: Tangled Citrine + GIVEAWAY!

When I spotted Janaya's new jewelry line, Tangled Citrine I knew I had to feature her and help her get the word out about her Tree of Life Pendants.  I've always loved this symbol and its inspiring message.  I was blown away with how downright cool I thought her pendants were and knew I had to have one!  This is the perfect time to spread the word.  I know these would be a perfect gift for the upcoming Christmas holidays and with so many color combinations of stones to choose from, you are sure to find the right one (or many) for you!

About Janaya:

"Growing up on the road with my mother, heading from craft show to craft show, was bound to rub off on me at some point, right? Though my mom created something very different from my custom and one of a kind jewelry line, I grew up admiring her persistence, creativity and constant desire to continually push her ideas and crafts, to make every piece she crafted intriguing and beautiful to a wide audience. To me, my jewelry line represents all of these things, as well as the constant growth of transformation of nature and my surroundings. Each piece of jewelry that I create, whether it is a beautiful tree of life pendant or a funky crocheted wire and glass bead necklace,  comes with one promise: to be genuinely unique from any other piece of jewelry you have, created with an organic, natural influence from mother nature herself."

All images via Tangled Citrine
Where you can find Janaya:

 -Saturday, November 23rd, from 9AM-3PM, at Priestley Elementary School in Northumberland, PA

 -Saturday, November 30th, from 10AM-4PM, at the Bloomsburg Area High School in Bloomsburg, PA

But if you won't be in the central Pennsylvania area, you can visit her Etsy page to buy a custom made piece of jewelry.  Also, you can like her Facebook page to receive updates on new pieces.


Janaya has graciously offered up one of her beautiful tree of life pendants to myself and one lucky reader! The winner will receive the chance to work with Janaya on coming up with the perfect stone of the winner's choice.  How awesome is that?  There are three simple steps to enter.

1) You must be a follower of this blog through GFC or Bloglovin.
2) Go to Janaya's Facebook page and click "Like."
3) Leave a comment telling me you followed and what your favorite item is at her Etsy shop.

That's it!

*The giveaway ends on November 17th by 11:59 pm CET.   A winner will be chosen at random and announced the following day in a post and also contacted via email.  If you don't have a blog make sure you leave an email. You will have 72 hours to respond or the next winner will be chosen.  The contest is open internationally.  All entries will be verified.
Good Luck!

Happy Veteran's Day!

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