5 Things You Must Do on Your Holiday to Santorini, Greece

santorini, greece
See the Volcano and Take a Dip in the Hot Springs
 Santorini’s volcano is considered active and last erupted in 1950 leaving a lasting memory that can be seen all over the island’s landscape. Tours can be arranged to get close to the volcano. Don’t forget to stop by the nearby hot springs to take a dip and take advantage of a mud bath. Many locals swear by the positive effects for the skin.

Visit One of Santorini’s Magnificent Beaches
Santorini’s beaches are unique because of the influence of the volcanic ash. The island boasts beaches with red and black sand. The Red Beach is probably the most popular and its sandy beaches retain their color from an abundance of iron in the sand. Though this beach is relatively small you can spend some time sipping drinks or snorkeling. Looking for black sand? Head to Perissa beach. Unlike The Red Beach, Perissa beach, in particular, is very laid back and less crowded. There are also plenty of seafront restaurants to keep the whole family happy.

Visit the Stunning Village of Oia
This picturesque town is a photographer’s dream. It’s filled with white domed houses and resorts. Take a walk around this town and you will see why so many have suggested this as a must-see for visitors of Santorini. There are many ways to get there from the Fira Port, like boat, car, or hiking on foot. Don’t miss the many opportunities to photograph this site. You can also spend some time visiting the Byzantine Castle Ruins, setting aside just enough time to watch the sunset over Oia’s stunning village.
Eat the Local Foods
Greek food is based on a diet filled with vegetables, oil, fish, and grains. A local told me to try the locally grown vegetables, specifically the famous Santorini cherry tomatoes. Pairing the cherry tomatoes with eggplant and zucchini, a side of pita bread, and a heaping bowl of tzatziki sauce will put you in the right mindset. Don’t forget to try the other local foods at a Greek tavern off of the typical tourist trail.
Go Wine Tasting at One of the Island’s Wineries
Another tasty local product is the Greek wine in Santorini. The wine here is generally dry, but if it is a sweet wine you are after, try the Vinsanto. If you are looking for a specific winery, head to the Boutari Winery which is open every day and available for wine tastings.

How to Get There?
If you are looking for a relaxing Mediterranean vacation, then Santorini is the Greek island for you. Looking to book an all inclusive in Santorini? Why not make things easy? Head to First Choice, for the hook up on deals and tips for finding the all inclusive of your dreams. Don’t miss out on taking a trip to this stunning Island. It is one of my favorite Greek islands and I think you can see why!



  1. Love this post! We're in the final stages of brainstorming our mini-Greece trip for May, and we already know it will include a stay in Santorini. :)

    Found you through #TravelTuesday

  2. Great post! I am planning on going to Greece one day!

  3. Bookmarked! I am so excited to go there next summer for the big honeymoon! Oddly I haven't heard much about the beaches on Santorini but I definitely intend to check them out! Is the hot springs a natural pool somewhere or is it part of a spa complex?

    1. There is a natural hot springs at the base of the volcano. Doesn't get super hot but you probably don't want it to in the summer. You have to swim from a boat to get to the springs.

  4. Santorini was one of our favorite trips and I hope to back soon.

  5. I would love to spend some time in Greece and live on the mediterranean diet for a month or two. I would love the wholesome and healthy aspect of it and the tastes. There is something so attractive about such food.

  6. I loved Greece so much, Santorini in particular!! The food was sooooo amazing!

  7. Great tips! I loved Greece and can't wait to get back to visit Santorini :)

  8. i loved the Greek Islands i got to visit in College, would love to go back and spend more time, including here.

  9. I actually did not know that Santorini has an active volcano! I love hot springs so much, I will have to check that out one day!

  10. Santorini sounds dreamy. I like everything on that list!

  11. I second eating the local foods! The food in Santorini was a dream :) I would definitely add wine tasting to this list - it has such a unique flavor and a fascinating history on the island!

  12. All of the Greece photos are making me wish I had a teleportation device! I am bookmarking yours for when I (do!!!) make it Santorini, someday :)

  13. I missed out on Santorini when I was in Greece. Definitely want to go back and see the island and of course its famous beaches and sunsets!

  14. I guess this means I have to spend my holiday in Santorini, Greece :)


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