Monthly Inspiration: Game Day Essentials in Dublin

Game Day Essentials in Dublin
This weekend I am attending a football game with my alma mater Penn State vs. The University of Central Florida.  I can't believe they are playing in Dublin and it will be great so see some Penn State fans.  This is a win win.  Here is a list of some game day essentials for the game in Dublin.  

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1) Celtic Jewelry
I've always loved celtic jewelry.  The Claddagh ring is classic Irish and how a woman wears it can tell you what kind of relationship she's in.

2) Green Scarf
This silk scarf is stylish and in a great shade of deep green!

3) Guinness
I'm not a beer drinker but I am not going to pass up trying a tall glass of Guinness in Dublin, especially after we beat the UCF Knights at the game ;)

 4) Irish Wool Jacket
I might just have to get myself one of these traditional cream colored wool jackets for this winter.

5) Wool Socks
And I'd pair it with some warm wool socks.

6) Penn State Gear
You gotta show your Penn State pride for the game. 

7) PSU stickers
I am not above wearing stickers on my face for the game.
8) Thermos
You might want to fill up on warm liquids.  This game will probably be cold.  Or you can just conceal your Guinness in there.

Anyone else going to the game? Also, I'm still looking for ideas for a day trip in the countryside?

Link Goodies #8

link goodies #8
1) This is the best Ice Bucket Challenge by far.  I almost peed my pants watching it.
2) This ring is calling my name.
3) Here are 40 tourist scams to avoid.  This is a good infographic because I've personally seen several locals try to do this to me or others on travels.  They sure are sneaky, but most of them can be avoided by not bothering with people trying to sell you things, just keep moving. For instance, I've seen women trying to sell the rosemary sprigs in Seville. I don't need these so I won't indulge them.  My friend got scammed in Milan when a man grabbed her arm and put bird seeds in her hand.  She got a picture with pidgeons but then he of course asked her to give him money. Also, I would never allow someone to take my picture who requested it.  But I do occasionally ask someone to take my picture.  Also, always ask the price of a cab ride before getting in.  So many good tips here. Also, I'm not sure who in their right mind would accept a massage on the beach from a stranger. 
4) Here is a bit of wanderlust fuel for you.  40 of the Last Fairy Tale Towns Left in Europe.  While they have given a great list, I tend to disagree because I've seen plenty more story book towns in Europe!

5) 23 signs you might be addicted to travel.  Yes and yes, except maybe number 7, why would you say no to stamps?
6) I love the idea of camping out in a perfectly styled airstream trailer.  Here are 6 of them that you can rent out throughout the world.
7) Frenchie Fix.  Just a little cutie doing some cute things.
8) Won a pair of Sissy Yates earrings from a contest on the blog, You May Be Wandering.  Thanks so much Sandra!

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Austrian Trinket Boxes

Austrian Trinket Boxes

Back in July I attended another large flea market in Regensburg, Germany.  This is fast becoming one of my favorite local flea markets.  I ended up buying these pair of vintage brass and glass trinket boxes.  The one in the left is small while the one of the right is bigger and has four little ball feet.  The dealer is from Vienna and told me that the boxes were from Austria and that they are around 80 years old placing them in the time frame of the 1930's-40's. 

I've seen this style at several flea markets around Bavaria and presumbly in Austria.  I think they are perfect for storing jewelry, rings, or little keep sakes.  The glass is very fragile and the brass is worn in spots. I love the look of them together.  I could also see creating a little terrarium out of these types of boxes. They could also be etched for a personalized gift!

I come come across these boxes fairly often in Bavaria so if this is something you'd be interested in buying, perhaps I could hunt one down for you, so send an email of interest.

Have you seen boxes like these before? 
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Day Designer Planner Review

day designer

Today I'm going to talk about the Day Designer which is a revolutionary planner for creative entrepreneurs.  Since moving to Germany, I have taken on so many projects, hobbies, and deadlines that things were getting a little crazy. 

 I'd like to mention that I carry my iPhone everywhere and this is was my main source of inputting things I needed to remember throughout the day.  I felt like I had so many little tasks on my to do list that I'd forget them the second I didn't write them down.  Now this method worked alright for me in terms of helping me remember things, but that's really where it ended.  I also had these goals whether weekly, or monthly, or yearly that I felt I needed to be writing down and physically crossing off.  A phone couldn't really help me with that. 

I started looking into planners and I had stumbled across the Day Designer.  The look of it alone with its black and white stripes with gold details, caught my attention.  It's like the creator Whitney English was peeking into my head.  What a great design.  Though the past couple of years I'd strayed from using a paper planner I felt that I needed to really get organized again.

Below you can see the layout of the Day Designer.  It has a schedule, to do lists, and various other little spots to record things you need to remember or goals you need to pursue.  There is also an inspirational quote for each day.

With all of the traveling that I do, education, blogging, freelance writing, work, and personal goals, I needed a planner that was just as detailed as my life. 

the day designer

My Thoughts on the Day Desinger:
The Design:
The look of the Day Designer alone will make you want to buy one.  It's like a personalized book of your life.  The design is wonderful.  Not only does it come in black/white and gold/white, but Whitney just released more than a handful of new designs that I already can't wait to get my hands on next August.

The Planner:
As far as planners go, this one is extremely detailed.  It is made for the creative entrepreneur and people who are very busy and have a lot going on.  If you only need a bare bones planner then I'd say don't bother with this one.  But if you're like myself, you want to keep all of your appts., projects, and to do lists all in one place and a simple planner ain't cuttin it.  What is also great is you can get a planner than starts in either January, May, or August.

The Price:
I'm just going to say it, for a planner, this one is expensive. The planner alone is $59.  I've never spent that much on a planner and my husband thought I was crazy.  But honestly, if it's something that you will use and rely on daily, it's worth spending money on.  Also, you are essentially buying a hardcover book with pages for 365 days a year plus extras, so it can't be cheap to make.  The extras definitely make it worth it.

The Extras:
Whitney doesn't just show up.  She's shows up with presents.  The Day Designer is chock full of extras like "Define your Core" worksheets which are designed to help creatives either figure out what thier goals are or fulfull those goals.  There are also Monthly Challeges that Whitney creates to keep you working towards those goals.  And you can attend webinars and join the FB groups. It's like you are getting a planner with technical support.  What a great idea.

So overall, I love the Day Designer and it already has a cult following, especially with bloggers.  I've only been using it for a month so I can't wait to see how it's helped after a year.  Also, there is something called the Year Designer which I'm curious about.  So a big thumbs up from me and if you are interested in buying one you can visit the Day Designer Etsy Shop. They sell out very fast so sign up for one of her social media accounts to find out when more are being released.

day designer review

If you have a Day Designer, what do you think about it? Or if you have a comparable designer, let me know what it is in the comments!

*This is my honest review of the Day Desinger.  It is not a sponsored post, I just felt the need to share :)
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