Link Goodies #4

1) I just discovered this blog and I love all the destinations this travel blogger has been going to.  I've already been to Amsterdam and I've been wanting to go to Colmar and Czesky Crumlov so this confirms my wanderlust for those places.  Also, Greenland?  Never really gave it a thought, but I am going to Iceland this year.

2) Speaking of travel destinations, here is a compilation of the best castles to see in Germany. These are amazing. On the list I've been to Heidelburg Castle, Neuschwanstein and Hohenscwangau Castles but there are so many more on this list that I haven't even heard about.

3) Is Munich about to get a whole lot more naked?

4) I've traveled all over Europe and still haven't stayed in a hostel yet.  But these 35 cool hostels from around the world are making me want to reconsider.

5) Does your child ever complain that they don't have enough?  Show them this article of children's bedrooms from across the world.  It's amazing how some go with so little and are still essentially happy.

6) I'm excited to hear news about some of my favorite shows.  American Horror Story has revealed the theme of their season 4 that premiers October 4.  And here is a trailer for season 2 of Orange is the New Black which premiers on June 6!

7) Are you a basic bitch?

8) This coffee mug had me cracking up.  Although I don't think this would be appropriate for work.

9) Here's an adorable video of a bulldog rolling down a hill. He just can't get enough!

10) And last, I won a blog giveaway in December for a wooden sign created by Linen and Lace via Liz Marie Blog.  The sign turned out lovely and I asked her to create me a "Willkommen" sign that I have hung over my guestroom bed!  Check out Brittani's Etsy shop to see all of her work!

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  1. Cesky Krumlov is awesome! Also, I haven't stayed in many hostels and definitely none of the ones that were on the list. I stayed at more than a few in Israel which were as expected, and a really awesome one in Prague called Mosaic, which was honestly more like a hotel! They definitely come in all shapes and sizes. :)

  2. I saw that "bedroom" amazing, isn't it?!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  3. Whenever you want to explore more German castles, be sure to check these out:
    or this small copy of Versailles in the picturesque Waldecker Land:
    or this

  4. Thanks for sharing our post on 35 hostels from around the world.

  5. Maybe this is something for you about German/Europe History - Medievaltimes:

    And also this could be a place to visit for you:
    Building up a Abbeytown with the same material and the same equipment 1200 years ago.

    Greetings from Bavaria,


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