I finally have an Instagram.  Truth be told I've always had an Instagram but it was my personal account.  Now I have one for the blog and I invite you to follow as I opened the account yesterday and only have four lovely followers.  Recently I've shared pics from my trip to Bratislava and Metz, France, that I haven't shared on the blog yet.  I've had readers ask me in the past if I have an Instagram to follow and now I can say that I do.

If you want to see images from my travels that I haven't shared yet or won't share on the blog then follow along.  Often times I'll share sneak peaks of stuff I find on my flea market hunts and who knows, maybe you'll tell me that you absolutely need what I am passing up.  Anyways, though I don't have an Instagram follow button yet, you can follow here.  I'll probably follow you back since I need some pretty things to look at.  Thanks!

I'm doing some Spring cleaning today and later in the week I'll be sharing posts from my trip to Metz, France.  Have a wonderful day!


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-Brittany Ruth