Capture the Color Photo Blogging Challenge 2013

I've been tagged for the Capture the Color contest!  I've seen these floating around but just thought it was another tagged post.  But when I actually followed the link, I realized it was a legit contest for travel bloggers to win some cool prizes.  Score!  I was tagged  by both Shannon @ Beginnings in Bayern and Holly @ English Girl Canadian Man.  The rules of the competition are that you show off 5 (I'm assuming original) photographs from your travels that capture the essence of the colors red, green, blue, white, and yellow! 


Various nutcrackers from the Nurnberg Christmas Market



The beautiful beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Real human remains from "The Bone Church" in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic


The Hohenschwangau Castle in Bavaria, Germany
Now that I've been tagged, I need to email my post here or tweet this.  Last, I need to nominate five more bloggers to participate!
I am going to nominate:
Make sure your entries are in by October 9th!


  1. Thank you for the tag, what an awesome and colourful post!

  2. Great pictures, I lovey our 'white' picture! How did you link up to travel supermarket?i. Ended up having to tweet them, hoping it worked!

    1. Thanks Holly! I ended up tweeting them, and they responded so I know they got my entry!

  3. I love each of those pictures. They're all so beautiful!

  4. I've seen these and thought they were such a good idea! Thanks for the tag, I will have to get hunting now :)

  5. Your photos are perfect representations of those colors! Love that Bavarian castle!

    1. Thank you Khammany, I still need to go inside castle!

  6. Oh my gosh, I love these!! I did this challenge a few days ago too! your green photo left a lump in my throat, so powerful. The Blue is gorgeoooous! I hope to visit Croatia next summer!

    Elena at

  7. How fun is this, Brittany! And I am SUCH a slacker that I definitely did not come up with a post before the deadline. But I love your photos (and peeking at entries by other bloggers I love). You have such great choices, especially that skull!


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