Schmidmuhlen, Germany

Finally got a chance to walk around a town called Schmidmuhlen.  It is very quiet but actually has some cute little restaurants and shops.  It has a grocery store called the Netto, a bakery, cafe, butcher, shoe store, drug store, florist, photography store, salon, a few banks, several guest houses with delicious restaurants, an auto dealership, a beautiful church and cemetery and town hall.  There is also a small river? that runs through the town where the fish restaurant catches their fish.  I should also mention that there is one American bar not too far down the road.

 These are pictures of the Upper Castle which has been restored and now serves as the Town Hall and there is also a museum inside.

The Erasmus Grasser Fountain.

The restaurant that serves fish caught out back.

 Schmidmuhlen's cemetery.  It is very well kept and visitors go there everyday, planting new flowers and visiting the deceased.

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