Burg Zu Lengenfeld

In Burglengenfeld, Germany, perched high atop the town is a a castle called Burg Zu Lengenfeld.  The castle was built around 900 AD and now serves as a center for children with special needs.  From the town center, the view of the castle is right in the skyline of the city and is an impending reminder of the city's rich history.  The river Naab runs through the town.  The town itself has a lot of neat shopping opportunities; a couple of fabric shops, clothing stores, and varying types of food from Istanbul, Asia, Italy, Greece, and of course Germany with a very young night scene (most of the people we saw at the bars were high schoolers).  The center of the town holds a pretty gigantic statue of a man fighting a dragon entitled St. George and the Dragon.  It's even bigger and alarming in person.  This town is vast becoming one of my favorite nearby spots.

                                                              St. George and the Dragon

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