10 of My Favorite Songs by Icelandic Artists

Oddly enough some of my favorite artists come from Iceland.  What type of music could I possibly like that comes out of such a small country?  Well, a lot.  Iceland is increasingly becoming a top travel destination and it's pretty known these days that they have a kickass music scene.  But I've been listening to artists from Iceland since I was about 13. First I started listening to Bjork.  Obviously.

But then I found a whole other slew of great Icelandic artists to listen to. The whole opening music at my wedding was Sigur Ros.  I'm sure no one had any idea what was playing but I hope they enjoyed it. It's been hard keeping up with new music in general since living in Germany.  Many of the music on YouTube for instance is blocked by Gema.  And German radio isn't the best.  I gotta say, German music is pretty bad.  Unless I'm enjoying an Oompah band at Oktoberfest, I try to stay away from it.  Who knows, maybe someone can make me a believer.

But back to the point, I've found a lot of Icelandic bands that I enjoy.  The music is beautiful, soulful, and unique.  So in an attempt to show off some of my favorites, I've picked out 10 songs that I hope you'll be able to devour. I was kind of torn between showing you my favorite songs of each artists or showing you the most popular of each artist since they are not all well-known, but I kind of did a mix of both.

So what do you think?  Do you like Icelandic artists?  What are your personal favorites?  I've also got Iceland on the mind because I am going there for a three day trip beginning the 7th of August! So if you live there or have visited, feel free to give me some tips on what you loved.

10 of My Favorite Songs by Icelandic Artists

1) Bjork-Oceania
This song is is full of ups and downs of vocal emotion and makes you feel like you are a fish swimming around in the ocean.

2) Bjork- Hyperballad (Brodsky Quartet Version)
This is a different version of her original song, Hyperballad, but I love it because of all the beautiful string accompaniment.

3) Bjork-Enjoy
This is the last of my Bjork pics though she has too many great songs to mention.  This song is chaotic and erotic.  I almost drove to Karlovy Vary last month to see the European premiere of Biophilia.

4) Emiliana Torrini- Unemployed in Summertime
Such a smooth voice.  You wouldn't think Emiliana Torrini sounds like an Icelandic artist but she has both Italian and Icelandic parents. I admit her songs are hit or miss sometimes but she's got a great voice and this song is dreamy and makes me miss being 21 and unemployed.

5) Of Monsters and Men- From Finner
Of Monsters and Men are huge right now in Iceland and in the US.  They are fun and folky.  This is my favorite track from the album, My Head is an Animal.

6) Mammut-Svefnsykt
I don't know how I found out about Mammut but I love them.  They sound like they could have come straight out of the 90's with their alt rock sound.  It doesn't matter that I don't understand a word they are saying, they are fun!

7) Mum- Green Grass of Tunnel
Mum have been around for a long time.  They are another dreamy Icelandic band with mostly instrumentals and a soft female voice every now and again.  Perfect daydreaming music.

8) Retro Stefson-Glow
This is, I think, the newest artist on the list.  They are a little funky, a little R&B, but just overall fun. You can't listen to this song and not be happy.

9) Sigur Ros- Untitled #1 "Vaka"
I had to pick two Sigur Ros songs because well, they are awesome.  Jonsi's voice is mesmerizing.  I can listed to this music for hours.  In fact my entire playlist while guests were getting their seats before my wedding ceremony was all Sigur Ros, but I highly doubt any of my guests knew what is was.

10) Sigur Ros- Fjogur Piano
This is a newer song from Sigur Ros and if anyone knows about it it's because Shia Labeouf was in the music video and totally showed his junk.  Junk aside, I totally love this song.   It's beautiful!

So those are just 10 of my favorite songs by Icelandic artists.  There are so many other great songs and it's cool that there are so many great artist coming out of Iceland.  Do you listen to any of these artists?

If you have any recommendations for other Icelandic artists, I'm all ears.  And don't forget to follow along on my trip to Iceland beginning tomorrow through my Instagram!

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  1. Enjoy your trip to Iceland! Gay pride is this weekend if your in Reykjavik they have lots of events happening!

    1. Yes, we got to experience a Gay Pride in Reykjavik. More towards the end but everyone loves it and people kept asking me if I was going and telling me it's afamily event. They were so proud of it!

  2. Oh I did not know that Of Monsters and Men was from Iceland! I absolutely adore Bjork! She's the weirdest and quirkiest singer out there!

  3. How sweet of you to share some of your favorite songs, Brittany! Thanks. Susan

  4. Me too!! I love Icelandic music. My favourite is Dead Skeleton - especially their track Kingdom of God!! Let me know what you think!!!

    1. I've never heard of them, I'll have to check them out!

  5. I love Of Monsters and Men and saw them in concert. They were great. I visited Iceland 2 years ago and loved every minute of it.

    1. I'd love to see Of Monsters and Men. They were playing in Munich a bit ago but sold out!

  6. LOVE this post-thanks so much for the recommendations. I'm going to love listening to these.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


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