Link Goodies #6

1) For someone who uses Airbnb for almost all of their home stay's while traveling, I really liked this list of 27 Amazing Airbnb locations in Europe.  A lot of these are really cool, some are just plain weird.
2) Attention self professed introverts or extroverts. Apparently, your brains are indeed wired differently
3) I used to hate the idea of haggling at a flea market or other market.  It just felt awkward to me.  But now that I've been to so many flea markets, it's second nature and it's expected most of the time.  I love it now.  Here are some tips on haggling for introverts.  Also I've written some tips myself.
4) The top 25 cities you should visit in your lifetime.  I've been to 6/25.
5) I thought this was an interesting display of polar opposites in  lifestyles.  The article is called, "Do You Think these People were Created Equal?"

6) 21 Celebrities Who You Didn't Know Voiced your Favorite Cartoons.  Plus I recently found out that Pamela Adlon who plays in two of my favorite shows, Louie and Californication, is like a huge voice actor too.  She's done everything from Bobby Hill in King of the hill to Spinelli in Recess to Milo in the Oblongs.  The list goes on.

7) Etsy Love. Loving all sorts of hanging succulent planters.

8) Frenchie Fix. This is so stupid, but I couldn't stop laughing. 

9) Sign me up for this please.

What has been going viral in your world?
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  1. I've always wanted to take a trip to San Francisco! PInned

    1. I've been there once a long time ago. I need to go again, it was wonderful!

  2. Super interesting list of the top 25 cities - I have only been to three of those!


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