7 Offbeat Bookshelves for the Home

This week, in my FurnitureFashion.com article, I show off 7 weird looking bookshelves.  I love reading and I am a firm believer that books are better than e-readers. I've never owned one and probably never will.  Never say never right?  But seriously, I want to one day have a library room in my house.  Meanwhile, here are some offbeat bookshelves that I really admire.  My favorites are the Design Workshop Rolling Cart and the Flexi Shelving.  To see the rest of the offbeat bookshelf inspiration and images click the link below.

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  1. ereaders are great for long travels. I have one but use it rarely. comes in handy though ;)

  2. The first one is amazing! I'm such a furniture nerd though.

    belle + compass

  3. love how this bookshelf is styled - so lovely!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. such charming and industrial loveliness

    i want it in my living room!

    would love for you to stop by
    and share at Fridays Unfolded this week!


  5. I love books and bookshelves! So glad there are others out there that like to turn an actual page rather than press a button. Thanks for the inspiration, I'm in the market for a new bookshelf.

  6. Give me a real honest paper book please. Roll it on out on those gorgeous bookshelves! Did you visit Funky Junk this weekend? The party was about unique shelf ideas.

    1. Nope, and when I went to look at her page the link-up was already closed. I followed her for next time.

  7. Great post to get you thinking. I do love books, and I'd be lost without my e-reader, mainly for my calendar, photos, recipes, etc. I went to visit my daughter this past summer and her office, which is pretty big, had two full walls of bookshelves. They were filled from ceiling to floor with books. I think books will be with us for a long time, even with the e-readers we carry around.

    PS....You might like one for storing photos and videos! That's the main reason I bought mine. What used to fill a room with photo albums, fits nicely on a little device with a 7" screen.


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