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I like to keep as much original content on my blog as possible and this includes pictures.  I am not a photographer so this can sometimes present a challenge, but my favorite blogs are the ones that highlight their own vision.

With that said, I feel like I need a space where I can post the things that inspire me.  I am going to start a montly inspiration post to showcase the things that I am interested in and like to see.

For my first monthly inspiration post, I feel it's appropriate to show Rococo decor for the month of May.  I have a special interest in the Rococo style and any furniture associated with that period.  I'm a fan of Baroque too, which originates in Italy with its dark, rich, and foreboding colors and ornate decor.  But, Rococo, associated with France, has evolved from this style almost as to say, we'll see you your Baroque and raise you Rococo!  That's how I think of it anyways.

Rococo has similar furniture to Baroque, but the colors are drastically different, preferring pastels, like pale blues, yellows, and pinks.  The furniture is more dainty and assymmentrical in the designs. 

It is a style of luxury and only the richest poeple of the time period could afford this furniture.  Not much has changed...Though Rococo has often been coined frivolous and (gasp) gaudy, this is exactly what attracts me to it.  It is a style that the common person can't afford, but can admire nonetheless. 


The Rococo period was from about1700-1770 around the reign of Louis XV.  It encompassed art, furniture, and interior design, but not so much architecture.  There are many examples of Rococo interior in Germany and I have already seen so many luxurios palaces and castles that display this design.  Some of the examples in Germany are the Basilica at Ottobeuren and the Linderhof Palace (King Ludwig II, who lived in the Neuschanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles designed this). 


          I've already started my collection of Rococo style mirrors.  I love them!
 It's like being teleported into another world when being in a room with such whimsical furniture.  It feels like you are straight out of Marie Antionette's world.


                                                    I'm a little obsessed with settees and French chairs!  They are so pretty and make great decoration pieces for any room.  

Another thing that I really love are secretary desks!  I've had the opportunity to buy a great settee set and a secretary desk recently, but was too slow to the draw each time.  Oh well, that just gives me more time window shop.

Secretary desk

Loving all the chandeliers I see, Rococo or not.  A chandelier is next on my list.  Okay, well they are all on my list.

Love this French armoire as well.  I would love to own one.


Now I realize that I may be delusional and chasing an impossible dream of owning all of these things, but can't a girl dream? :)

If you have any genuine Rococo artifacts and want to show them off please post a link in the comment box and share your thoughts on Rococo style.

(Some of these pieces may be revivals or reproductions)

-Brittany Ruth

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  9. I love the Barogue furniture. All the color...WOW ! Gotta love it. You are showing such lovely pieces. I imagine that's it gets harder and harder to find though. I too love the mirrors. Thank you for sharing these with us.You have a lovely blog.
    Happy Valentine's Day,
    Marie Antoinette


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