DIY Hanging Jewelry Organizer

diy hanging jewelry organizer

Today I'm going to show you how to make your very own hanging jewelry organizer.  I have aquired a lot costume jewelry over the years and although I do have an organizer that I was hanging my jewelry from, the problem was that the necklaces were too long and they'd get bunched up  on my dresser.  There was no way to hang earings, even though I don't have that many, and there was no way to find my bracelets.  What I ended up doing was not wearing my jewelry at all because it wasn't displayed neatly in front of me.  Or I'd end up trying to untangle my necklaces before work. 

I knew that I could buy a similar one online but they were pretty expensive and I knew could just make it myself.  I had a leftover cabinet door from one of my previous projects when I showed you how to make a DIY Cabinet Door Chalkboard.  I set off to finding the materials that I needed to build my hanging jewelry organizer.

jewelry organizer supplies

What You Will Need:

1) Hammer
To break the glass in the cabinet and hammer nails into the wall to hang your organizer.

2) Gold Screw Hooks
These can be whatever color they come in but the color scheme I was going for was gold and white and these just so happened to come in gold.

3) Measuring Tape
I used this to measure and make sure the hooks were even with each other.

4) Grill Mat or Screen
I chose to use this grill mat instead of a screen because it was flexible and easy to cut.  It was also heavy duty enough to hold up my jewelry organizer onto the wall.

5) Staple Gun
For stapling the grill mat to the frame.

6) Drill and Drill Bits
For drilling holes where your screw hooks will go.

7) Gold Spray Pain
Or whatever color you'd like to paint your wooden dowls or frame.

8) Paint
I chose Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White for my frame and also the grill mat.

9) Wooden Dowl
You can get these in many sizes at your hardward store.  I cut mine in half for two rows.  Also, this is important; make sure your dowl is smaller than the hooks so that you can easily fit your dowls onto your hooks.

10) Frame
You can use anything for a frame like a picture frame or mirror frame. I had a cabinet door frame laying around to use.

Additional Tools
I also used scissors, a plastic surface for painting, paint brush, and Annie Sloan furniture wax for the grill mat not to flake. (You could also use it to seal your paint if you don't want it to chip).

1) First you need to find a safe place to shatter the glass in the frame (if you have glass in your frame).  My husband simply placed it in a bag and shattered it so all the pieces fell in the bag.

2) Next, you need to figure out how many screw hooks you want on your jewelry organizer.  I used 18 hooks total. Twelve hooks to hang necklaces on.  Four hooks for the wooden dowls to rest on.  And 2 hooks for rings.  Make sure you measure out your spacing correctly with your measuring tape.  Also, mark the spot with a marker where you are going to drill.

3) Since these are screw hooks (they are twisted) you will need to use a drill to get them in place.  Use a drill bit that is a bit smaller than the actual hooks you are using. After drilling the holes, simply screw your screw hooks into place.

4) Next, you can go ahead and do all your painting/spray painting.  I painted my frame and grill mat the same color. I waited for the front to dry before painting the back.

5) After cutting the wooden down in half to make two, I used gold spray paint to cover the surface outside.  I also decided to leave the gold fixture at the  bottom on the frame for some extra decor.  Even though it was already gold, I spray painted it to match the dowls and hooks.  (I was able to unscrew this fixture to spray paint it outside).

6) After everything has dried you can use a staple gun to staple the grill mat onto the back of your frame.

7) Put your dowls into place and you will have created something like the image below!

8) The last step is to hang your jewelry organizer on the wall.  You can use nails and the grill mat works well to hang the nails from.  Go ahead and have fun adding all your jewelry to your new organizer!

DIY jewelry organizer
diy jewelry organizerDIY hanging jewelry organizer
diy hanging jewelry display

This was a pretty easy project to make and if you don't have a drill you can always borrow one from someone.  If you already have your paints and a frame then it's pretty cheap to make.  You can even go to a thrift store to find a frame.  The only thing that was a little pricy were the hooks.  They can add up but overall this was still cheaper than what it would cost to buy a similar looking one online because you are doing all the labor. 
What do you use to store your jewelry?
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  1. Great idea - useful and pretty... and the possibilities of using this idea are huge. Thank you for posting this.

  2. That looks fantastic! I love the idea of having all of that pretty jewellery on display!

  3. This is great. I have a store bought jewelry organizer but there's no room for bracelets. I love this. So great. I'm glad I jumped over from the DIY Sunday Showcase this morning. Can't wait to start following you. :) Hope you can hop over to visit me.

  4. Such a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing the "how to" at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  5. genius! great tutorial....we're in the process of moving and this gets me really excited to decorate our next place - bookmarking! ;)

  6. wow this turned out really nice great job

    1. Thank you, i'm surprised how easy it was and how nice it turned out.

  7. What a creative idea!

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