Snail Mail Collective: Autumn Adventures

For the October Snail Mail Collective with Lost in Travels and The Nectar Collective, the theme was "Autumn Adventures."  I was paired with Sian from the Shines Blog.  She lives near and works in London.  I was super excited about this because I will be visiting London for the first time around Christmas.  So you know I was hittin' her up for all of the best things to see, do, and eat in London. 

 I asked her what the typical foods were like in London.  She said, "I'd say that a roast dinner is typically English (roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy, usually eaten on a Sunday). Then a cream tea is very English (fruit scones, clotted cream and jam, usually eaten when on holiday in an English countryside or seaside town. It's such a treat!)"  I am super excited to try scones and English tea!

I ended up sending her some Bavarian chocolates and tea.  Also a postcard with pumpkins on it from my trip to the Ludwigsburg Festival and Palace.  She sent me the wonderful goodies above.  She has an Etsy shop and blog that is currently on hiatus, but most of what she sent me is from her awesome Etsy shop; a card, some cute decorative tape, a little notebook, some really cute London inspired stickers that I love, and my favorite item on the left, a card with a travel penguin on it that says, "Bon Voyage" that she painted herself!  How cute are these items!  I love them.

I wanna say thanks again to Sian!

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  1. Hey! Just stepped into your blog and I can say that I really love it! I'm so much into travelling, I'd love to see every corner of this world, and I hope to go to as many places as possible! Just like you, I always keep something nice of my travels, and my favourite souvenirs are those cute magnets you put on the fridge :) I'll follow you with pleasure (just joined your site), have a look at my blog if you want and maybe follow me as well ❤️
    Red Velvet


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