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As I'm sure a lot of bloggers and blog readers have noticed, the "6 Things About Me" posts have been popping up everywhere.  Well, another (pretty cool) expat blogger that lives in England named Dannielle from Chic-a-Dee has tagged me!  Normally I don't participate, but I figured "what the hell"  every blogger likes to talk about themselves right?  So here are my six things and you better believe I'm tagging 6 more people :)

1) What is your favorite animal and why?  

Naturally, I'd have to say my French Bulldog, Louis.  I've talked about him before on here and he is literally the cutest and funniest animal I've ever had.  He's so funny and you have to have owned one to know what I mean.  But besides my little guy, I am oddly in love with sloths.  Yes, sloths.  Whenever I see a sloth gif or a sloth picture, it brightens my day.  They look so happy and so cute.  I mean, look at this little guy!

2) Would you prefer a city break or a sun, sea, and sand vacation?

Tough one!  It depends, but ultimately I think I'd enjoy going to different cities way more than going to a bunch of beaches.  I can only take so much laying out and swimming, but there is so much to do in a new city!  Don't get me wrong, I love a beach vacay as much as the next overworked poor chum, but I think the city break wins this round.


3) If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be?

This one is easy.  I don't like being bound to only one place, so I will mention that I absolutely want to visit Spain and more than once before I leave Europe. I've studied Spanish for a long time and would love to get some practice. Plus Spain is beautiful.  But more than Spain I want to visit Iceland.   I am kind of obsessed with Iceland and I've been wanting to visit for many years now and I will finally have the chance now that I live in Europe.  Why do I want to go to Iceland so bad?  Well, it's probably because I love a lot of bands that randomly come from Iceland and I think the language is so interesting and the geography looks beautiful.  It probably helps too that I've been getting non stop inspiration from sites like "Guide to Iceland" and "Ask Iceland" that I like on FB and get feeds on.  Plus I follow a couple of cool expat Iceland blogs.  I mean, check out this image below!


4) How many countries have you traveled too?  How many of the 50 states?

So far for countries: USA, Canada, Jamaica, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Greece, and Croatia.  I think that's it so far.

States in the USA: Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Delware, DC, Maryland, California, Puerto Rico, New York, Massachusettes, West Virginia, and Nevada. (This is not taking into account the fact that I've driven cross country from PA to CA before).

Strasbourg, France

5) What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Haha well that's an extremely vain question to answer and of course I have an answer.  I guess I appreciate (I don't know if anyone else does) the fact that I am a very honest and blunt person.  I don't know any other way to be.

6) What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

Hmm, the best advice?  I'd have to think pretty hard for that one but a really nice quote I saw the other day really stuck out to me.  And that doesn't happen too often. I think it really speaks out to writers and travelers especially and it was inspiring too:

So the six bloggers I am calling out are Shannon, Laura, Diane, Amy, Erica, and Lauren! Sorry if you've already done one of these.  If you participate, great.  If not, I'll get over it :)  Also, if you weren't tagged and feel like joining in, then feel free!

Here's your questions (choose 6):

1) What is your favorite animal and why?
2) Would you prefer a city break or a sun, sea, and sand vacation?
3) If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be?
4) How many countries have you traveled to?  How many of the 50 states?
5) What is your favorite thing about yourself (or quality you like in others if you don't wanna talk about yourself)?
6) What is the best advice someone has ever given you?
7) What did you want to be when you grew up and what do you do now?
8) What is a pet peeve of yours?
9) What is the LAST concert you went to?
10) What is something not a lot of people would know about you?

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  1. Lovely photo of Prague and thanks for sharing the 6 facts about you, now we gotta know you a little better :).

  2. YAAAY you did one of these! I'm a sloth fan too... though they aren't my favourite I can see why you love them :) And your bit of advice, worth remembering! :)

  3. Oh, and thanks for tagging me :) I'll see if I answer the questions (did one pretty recently), maybe next week :)

  4. Ok, after seeing tha sloth I gotta admit, they're pretty stinkin cute. Thanks for the tag! These seem like fun questions.. ;)

  5. I've never thought about going to Iceland but now you've got me looking it up after that incredible picture, it's a pretty place! And that quote is perfect. Thanks for answering!!

    1. No prob. These questions were interesting for me to answer. And I'm glad I got you thinking about Iceland!

  6. This post was so interesting to read! I love that you've answered each post with pictures!

    Btw thanks for joining the Blog Hop! Hope you're having fun! :D
    -Your Co-host, Lynn @ MakeupWithTea

    1. Thanks for hosting. And I love adding pics. I know when I read blogs, if it's not filled with pics I get bored lol

  7. Thanks for tagging me! I'm going to post my answers next week, once I have a chance to breathe. By the way, I totally love music from Icelandic bands too!

    1. That's awesome. I don't know what it is about Icelandic bands. They are special.

  8. Aw Brittany, thanks for the tag! I don't do things like this on the blog, but I'm happy to answer them here! {And sorry it's taken me a minute. The Kiwi's parents have been here!}

    What is your favorite animal and why?
    Squirrels. I have no good reason, I just love them.

    Would you prefer a city break or a sun, sea, and sand vacation?
    Give me the sun, sea, and sand any day for a vacation. There is a big difference between a relaxing beach vacation and the on-the-go, must-see-all-the-things type trips that happen in cities. I love experiencing all of these amazing European cities, but man, it's draining. There is a reason Cinque Terre was my favorite stop on our tour of Italy.

    If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be?
    Just one?! Can't do it–there are just too many. I can however narrow it down to Morocco {next month!}, China {November!}, Greece, and India.

    How many countries have you traveled to? How many of the 50 states?
    Countries: 20
    States: 24

    What is the LAST concert you went to?
    Mumford and Sons here in Munich, but we are going to see the Mountain Goats in Paris mid October. Can't. Wait.

    What is something not a lot of people would know about you?
    According to Pottermore, I'm a Slytherin. I thought I was a Hufflepuff. I was distraught. Clearly this was not something I even knew about myself. {For future reference, if you say you prefer the forrest over a river, you might be a Slytherin.} Oh also, I may or may not love the Harry Potter series an unreasonable amount.


  9. Awesome Lauren! I want to visit Morocco too and I've already been to Greece you are gonna love it! You got to see Mumford and Sons? That would be awesome. There are always so many good concerts playing in Munich and when I go to book one they are always sold out!! Thanks for participating!

  10. Hiya! I just posted my answers to your questions. Thanks for tagging me!



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