Monthly Inspiration: Beach Vintage

It's August and I have a whole new batch of inspirational pics and ideas for you.  Because August is really the last month when people think of the beach, I have decided to do some beach inspiration, but with a vintage twist.  And who doesn't love those 1950's beachy swimsuits and outfits!  Let's get right into some of the images that are inspiring me around the web this month.

 I am in love with every detail of this retro beach room from the colorful flowered couch which would otherwise look tacky in a normal room, to the surf board against the wall!

I found these vintage inspired trays with images of an octopus and lobster.  Makes me hungry for seafood to be honest.  They look like a pretty simple DIY project with some paint and a few beachy graphics.

Of course anything blue and chippy looks coastal to me.  Throw a basket in the picture and I'm sold.

Modern interpretation of a vintage scene.  Love the mint bathing suit, the glasses, straw hat and little pail.  Oh and her hair!  I would totally rock a one piece if it looked like this!

Of course I can't talk about vintage beach beauties without mentioning my girl Bettie Page! I've loved her images since high school.

Kitchen beach vintage.  Who says your dishes have to match?  Especially with vintage dishes like these  where you may only find one of a kind and not a set.  Don't they look awesome together?

Love bracelets?  Aren't these fish hook and rope bracelets adorable?

I've been all about anything with maps lately (this is mostly a travel blog after all) and I even recently bought a big framed map that I have no idea what to do with yet.  I like the way they used a globe as a centerpiece and it goes nicely with the beach tablescape.

Something about these old VW vans that makes me think of road tripping from beach to beach.  I would love to spend a summer in one of these babies with cute curtains and interior.  Wouldn't that be the bees knees?  I rarely see one on the road but when I do, I get really excited!

Another way to get around from beach to beach are bikes. Namely cruisers!  When I see cruisers I immediately think of riding around the beach or pier with my pup in the basket.  Now if only I could afford one of them.  Check more of these bikes out at

I can't talk about beach vintage decor without mentioning two of my favorite blogs:  Coastal Charm always has the neatest posts about the blogger's amazing cottage on the beach.  Wouldn't that be nice!  And (totally my style btw) shows off so many great beach inspirations and I am IN LOVE with the fabrics on this blogger's site.

Anyone else love this stuff?


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  1. Replies
    1. I know, I would love to have one. Followed you on Bloglovin btw!

  2. Oh, these make me want to set up a beach cottage immediately! And that bike--adorable! Summer really is the best :)

  3. Oh I love the glider in the first pic, how fun is that. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  4. Love ALL this stuff! Great eye candy for a rainy Friday! I too have an obsession with maps and globes!

  5. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    LOVE LOVE the plates and wall plate shelf!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Hi Brittany, love all your great inspiration pics! that retro sofa is wonderful!!

  7. So many great images and scenes--eye candy for the summer soul! I loved the trays and the blue furniture adn the bike, and I would never have thought to use a globe as a centerpiece! I will now--love globes! I have just started collecting mismatched dishes - and using them. Going to continue that one.

    Thanks for an inspirational post!

  8. Brittany Ruth,
    Thanks so much for shopping by! The blue dishes you mentioned are called Luster ware and that refers to the sheen on it. They were usually made in Japan, Pre WWII. So are you originally from Pa.? I see that you are a Penn State grad and you mentioned Shamokin. I live in Wilkes Barre.....


    1. Thanks for the info on the dishes. Yes, I am from PA! My family lives near Wilkes Barre, so I am familiar with the area.

  9. Such a different take on Summer. I love it!

    Lovely to have have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. Hi there,
    You stopped by and left a sweet comment on my blog {regarding my antique chair}, and I wanted to say thank you {but you were a no-reply blogger so I wanted to say it in your comment section}. I appreciate your sweet words, and enjoyed looking at all these images you've featured here. That bike is perfection!


  11. I would love to have the trays in my home! Great pics!

  12. All of that looks like me. Especially the VW. I want one sooo bad but I don't even have the money for a courser. Oh well.

    Thanks for linking up to Weekend Reads.

  13. I love anything that reminds me of the beach :) Your selection is lovely and thank you for sharing it at our party.

  14. Brittany, Thanks so much for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays. I love the sofa. I think I had a Hawaiian shirt with the pattern of the pillows when I was younger. And that bike too cute. By the way we still have our VW Vanagon (1975) .Still runs!


    1. My god you have a VW van? How cool, what color?

  15. Love those trays, the shape, handles, graphics on them. Love that furniture with the bark cloth cushions.
    The bikes are very popular still where I live and in San Diego. We moved away from S.D. in 92 but they still sell them. We used to go to Pacific Beach where we met a guy that sold lots of them. Our daughter/family just came back from S.D., they stayed at Mission Bay, she said they still ride that type of bike all over.
    A little town about 5 miles east of us sells lots of bikes like that. Bicycle riding is very in here due to all the awesome trails we have and biking events. There are bike stores everywhere here, (Grand Junction, CO area),we live about 18 miles west of G.J. The town I spoke of is called Fruita, very busy place these days. If you're a bike rider take a trip here. Happy daze

    1. Thanks for the comment. I can just picture San Diego with all those wonderful bikes going around. Those Cruisers are way too expensive though lol


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